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Our vision

To contribute to the economic landscape of Zimbabwe through the support of Small to Medium Enterprises, SME’s.

Our tools

We use tried and tested tools, that have been proven to be effective in Southern Africa. By combining business support services, training and mentor-ship we can effectively empower the people we serve.

We are very excited to be instrumental in bringing the Micro MBA to Zimbabwe. The Micro MBA has had great success in the region and we believe that we can achieve similar if not better results in Zimbabwe.

Partnerships are key

By partnering with the government, communities and all interested parties with a similar goal, we can pool scarce resources and leverage skills that will help to build sustainable businesses. With the right support, small business owners can enter the mainstream of business, create jobs and revenue that will fuel future growth.

A way out not a hand out

Our services are effective and help people come out of poverty. Each person that is reached by our service, will affect the lives of at least five others. By growing sustainable businesses we create revenue, jobs and give people a way out and not a hand out.

" I think this is an appropriate moment in time to consider a grassroots approach which can uplift large numbers of landless, property-less, unemployed people by giving them a stake in the economy. The Micro-MBA has the programme and the infrastructure to facilitate this. " Clem Sunter


We can reduce the effects of poverty one business at a time, one person at a time



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